Monday, April 30, 2007


Locke and Cooper may work out their Daddy Issues in the upcoming episode The Brig. The key word in that sentence is may.

The word Brig has multiple meanings. It is a two-massed vessel. It is also a heavily guarded jail, especially on a millitary base. It can also be a jail on a vessel. Ponder over how these, if any, may tie into the upcoming episode.

Previously on LOST, Locke confronted Ben in "Otherville". He demanded to know where the sub was. Alex, the supposed daughter of Ben, was a brave young soul and took Locke to the sub. Furthermore, Rousseau caught a glimpse of her daughter. After that, we haven't seen much of her. This all led up to the shocking reveal of Cooper, Locke's SUPPOSED father, on the island and gagged. Ben promised Locke that he would reveal some of the islands secrets to him. We know that one of the islands secrets is Jacob.

It is not very often that a secret is revealed or a mystery solved without Locke being their. Some secrets that Locke hasn't missed out on are most of the Hatches and items therein, Smokey, Sonic Fence, the plane, "Otherville" and the Sub just to mention a few.

The Brig will be interesting, just like every other episode and like every episode, I am antsy to see it. I'm sure if your reading this you are excited as well. So while you are waiting, go and check out the music videos made by "RodimusBen". THEY ARE PHENOMENAL!!!! Here is the link.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sweet Deception

Flight 815 was found and there were no survivors.They were all dead. This is what Naomi (spoilers say that's her name) told Hurley anyway. I instantly thought that it was a fabrication and that somone conned the media and set up a crashed plane. Naomi could even be lying. If its true though, did the producers tell a little white lie? Do you think that they did make a type of purgatory without calling it purgatory? I doubt this. There is also the issue of an alternate universe. Its hard to know what to think. A lie is what I am sticking with for now. Someone is lying as that is what seems to be the theme for this show.

With all of the deception on this island it is hard to know where the lies begin and where they end. A more fitting name for this show could be LIES or DECEPTION ISLAND as that is what seems to be the popular thing to do on this theory-driven show.

So many things are possible in this story it seems. Could it be that this island will lead to something much bigger that will involve the whole world??? Could it be the centerpiece for a global meltdown, a meltdown of civilization as we know it?If it is true that the people off the island are being told that the plane was found and there were no survivors then what would happen when these people at home find out it was a lie? To top that all off, what is so important that you would have to lie about over 48 peoples deaths????

Ben along with the rest of the Others are remnants of the Dharma Initiative. This group was on the island doing research on apocalyptic type things. Mysterious things all because the Island was in an alternate universe. The plane crash was found because this group is very powerful and set it all up. The island has history that you can explain with Alexander the Great and the Ancient Aztecs and all. Ben will wake up and realize it was all in his head and Hurley standing beside him saying "Wake Up Dude" then Ben will find out that everything really did happen because Ben is psychic only Hurley didn't go to the island and it was that crazy number guy and eventually history will course correct and Ben will go and be the leader of a psyCRAZY people.

Thank you...I'm great, aren't I?!

Keep theorizing.

Namaste and Good Luck.


From Conception to Death

Sun found out her D.O.C. and her DEATH DATE as well. One of my favorite parts of the entire episode was when Juliet told Ben "I hate you." Of course I don't think it was recorded, but it was my favorite and showed that Juliet is just trying to get off of the island.

Juliet is going to get Austen's sample soon. Do you think Sawyer got her pregnant?
Mikhail looks he???
The survivors are dead to the outside world. WHY?!?!??!

These are the questions I have. I am interested to see what will happen to the survivors next and if they do get rid of the Others once and for all, what will happen on the island next and what dilemma will these beachy kids face??? It looks as if Locke will be back in the upcoming episodes and more island info will come to light. For now let is keep theorizing our heads off and I will continue to post my thoughts throughout the next week and weeks to come.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Sun is in the spotlight for the next few posts along with the new mysterious island resident whose name I assume is Naomi from all of the spoilers. Sun has always been one of my favorite characters along with Jin because of the simplicity of her story, at least what we know so far. What we know is that she has had her troubles, just like the rest of the survivors and just like all of us. Now she is on the island and we are seeing her story play out as we find that she is pregnant. I can't wait to see what happens. I hear there will be a very nice LOST shocker ending....YESSSS!!!

Come back to see my D.O.C. review....

Sunday, April 22, 2007


As I said in my last post, I think the next few episodes are going to be very revealing. In Catch-22, Charlie was a catastrophe. You could see he was very torn about even leaving his tent. He is scared, VERY SCARED and has good reason to be.


I think that the survivors will find out that someone is betraying them and this will lead to a battle between the 815'ers and the Others. I don't know exactly how, but I think we will be surprised. People will die and it will lead to a very exciting Season 4, I'm sure. These Others really have issues and we've seen that, but I think we will REALLY see it now. Juliet is up to noo good at alll.....

Hurley??? He and his van are bound to come into play soon.

I would also love to find out about Alex and her boyfriend...and Room 23. My head is rolling with ideas on what may happen and surely one of them is bound to be right. The question of course is, Which one?

All of this will lead to a FINALE ROYALE and its bound to be exciting.

Well, tell me all of your ideas and your thoughts on the upcoming episodes.

Namaste and Good Luck,


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

TRAGEDY....ON THE 16th....

Yes, the VT Massacre was on the 16th. One of the LOST numbers....cursed...yes. What else happend on these cursed numbers?????

We need to remember these victims.

EYE M SICK: The Squirrels of Santa Monica...

EYE M SICK: The Squirrels of Santa Monica...

Hey.....this guys on a roll!!!!

Monday, April 16, 2007


That is the most formal intro I can think of. That is it. No more formality. I am here to discuss my ideas on the T.V. show LOST. So I will be writing read and reply!