Saturday, June 23, 2007

History Repeats Itself

The writers know very well that we love clues and "easter eggs" as they're called, so they give them to us. Don't quote me, but whenever Ben said that "History was going to repeat itself" I think he MEANT it. As I started to explain in my last post, Island Disappearing Act, I think that the history of the island is KEY to what is happening to the losties.

Consider this:

The island has a mind of its own. Some have said this all along and other fans sort of frown upon idea. Is Smokey the spirit of the island? This could be possible. Ever since I heard of a volcano on the island I've pictured Smokey rising from the eruption and overtaking the island by force. This is a comical way of looking at it.

All smoke put aside, the thought of history repeating itself to accomplish something special doesn't seem to far off. These clues that point toward time may be clues that are pointing toward this possibility. The Hostiles seem not to be aging, or at least Richard Alpert hasn't aged. Are these people real or just apparitions of the island?

If they are Real: They are a cursed people that can't get old until they accomplish their goal.

If they aren't Real: This would just continue with the whole idea of island apparitions.

An entire ship versus the front end of a plane can hardly be compared, yet they can be. The question of what happened to the crew of the Black Rock still remains unanswered. If the Black Rock crashed on this island and had to deal with "Hostiles" of sorts and had an entire crew then what happened to them? This is extremely hard to compare seeing that we hardly have any information on the crew of the black rock at all, but picture it. The crew of the Black Rock having to fight for a way off the island, struggling day and night against the hostiles and the smoke monster. The people from the ship are here for a purpose, but they don't accomplish this purpose, therefore the island gets rid of them and brings another group of people to the island. I am looking forward to hearing what you think.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Island Disappearing Act

The island is an illusion. NO, it is magic! There is no possible way that an island can go undetected when you have people landing on it all through time. I don't think that The Looking Glass always existed, therefore I don't think the island was always hidden. That is why I say it is magic. Usually, if you land on an undiscovered island you call it yours and you place your flag on the highest peak. Then you go back to where you came from and tell your friends about it and take them to it. You establish a civilization all your own. (OK, that's just what I would do) So WHY is this island not civilized? If the Black Pearl, oooo I mean, the Black Rock landed on the island in the late 1800's or later, why did they not establish a civilization? If they did, they didn't do to good a job.

The other clue we see of early life on the island is the Four Toed Statue. Seriously one of the weirdest things I've seen on the show. There is also mention of a temple.
What I'm trying to say is, I think the history of this island is KEY to what is happening with our Lostaways. YOU would THINK that if one ship became LOST on the island, OTHER ships would become lost on the island. I have a feeling that the Black Rock and the front part of the plane are to be compared. I think that the people of the Black Rock were very similar to the Lostaways and in a sense, history is repeating itself. The question is, WHY??? If there was a civilization of sorts, what happened to it? Are the hostiles from the Black Rock and do they tie into this civilization? I have a feeling history has been repeating itself for a looonngg time on this island.

I will be mulling over these questions in the weeks to come with some nice facts from the show AND doing my RETRO reviews. I will further develop my thoughts on HISTORY REPEATING ITSELF as well.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Jack, Kate and Sawyer have returned to the beach in the second part of the Pilot. The one thing that stood out from this particular scene shown above is that in the background you hear the survivors talking about the thing they heard in the woods. One person says it sounded familiar. Is this a clue?

My FAVORITE scene from this episode was when Hurley looks at Jin's "food" with such disgust. This scene is, in my opinion, classic.

In every episode, the story progresses. Sometimes slower than we want and sometimes SUPER FAST! I am not going to be very harsh on the second part of the pilot, seeing that it was the second part of the PILOT and in reality the pilot part 1&2 are one episode. The storyline that was setup right away was the radio signal. Shannon, Sayid, Kate, Boone and Sawyer trek through the jungle to higher ground, in hope of getting a signal on the radio. IN RETRO we know that they wouldn't be getting any signal and that they would be struggling with that signal right up until the end of season 3.

AHH YES, the mysterious POLAR BEAR. Sawyer started to show his heroic side when he shot the bumbling bear and saved his "pals". The POLAR BEAR mystery still remains to this day. Yet, they have been referenced throughout the show. Eventually, Sawyer and Kate are kept in cages by the OTHERS. When Sawyer is successful in getting a "bear" biscuit from the contraption inside, Mr. Friendly informs him that the bears figured it out faster.

We also learn that Kate was in handcuffs before the crash. We learn what she did in the episode What Kate Did, or did we?

Finally, we get to the mystery that was FIRMLY ESTABLISHED and to this day hasn't been solved. We take full notice of this mystery when Charlie delivers a classic line, Guys, Where are we?





Saturday, June 16, 2007

LINKS SPECIAL EDITION: Ben Lundy at Broadcast Depth

For all Moviegoers, LOST viewers, and comicbook fans at heart, this blog is for you. Ben Lundy has done a magnificent job creating a blog that is centered around the things he likes best, and in the process had also created a place for others to enjoy. From his movie reviews and comic (book) genius, to his LOST anthology, Ben Lundy has it covered. I HIGHLY recommend his blog, as it entertains and informs tremendously.

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Quick Post

Due to some unseen obstacles I will have to delay the review for PILOT Part 2. In the meantime, I will resign to doing LINK special edition posts and such. I am at the FUSELAGE frequently, so stop by and say NAMASTE!



Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Who knew eye contact would be such a big thing in this show? The first thing we see in the Pilot are Jack's eyes. Opening the show this way has been a reoccurring custom. So why the eyes??? The eyes are sometimes called "the windows to a mans soul". In this facet, many of the flashback episodes at some point in time focus in on the eyes of the character having the flashback. Each flashback lets us learn more about that particular character, what they've done, and how they were in the past. Thus, giving us a glimpse of their soul in a sense.

WHAT?!?! A DOG?!?!?! How did he get here? Vincent the dog was who we saw next. I still think that their is more to this dog then meets the eye. He was right at Jack's side just moments after the plane crash. He was in a cage, wasn't he? I would love to see his flashback.

(Note: This isn't the best retrospect review, but there is better to come...I promise....just maybe not this particular retro review. :) )

Jack's Every body's Hero
Jack's heroism is established immediately when he runs to the aid of the crash survivors. Re watching this scene sent chills down my spine. So many of the main characters were introduced in this scene, in less then 30 seconds.

Who could forget the story Jack shared with Kate? Well, I did until just recently whenever Jack referred to it in I Do. He tells of his experience doing surgery on a girl when things go wrong. He tells her how he let fear do its thing, but only for 5 seconds. He counted to five and then he went back to work. Kate, since then, has taken this method of facing her fears. When being chased by smokey, when going down the hatch, and when being held captive. She stops and counts to five and then goes on.

It didn't take the survivors long to realize that they were not alone. How interesting it is that three seasons later we are still finding out that this island has had many visitors and many occupants over the years. When I first saw the trees moving I thought of King Kong and Mighty Joe Young, but this creature is far from any over sized ape. The mystery of Smokey lives on. Of course we are to assume that it was Smokey moving the trees that first night, at least lets hope. Let us also hope that it was Smokey that pulled the pilot from the cockpit. I've never seen Smokey kill anything, save for Mr. Eko and that's it. It seems that it was judging Mr. Eko, but the pilot had done nothing. Why did it kill the pilot???


That same day, Others were taking in their share of the action as well. A small community of people watched as the plane broke apart in the air. Ben would send two people to each part of the crash, Ethan and Goodwin. Afterwards Juliet would take a walk with Ben and see her sister, alive and well on a screen in Mikhails station.
Desmond is in the hatch just after forgetting to push the button, which we think caused the crash. He had been out spying on the resident button pusher and then murdered him.

Hmmm...thats interesting.

We can't forget that the Tailsection of the plane was also having their own struggles, but their is a whole episode devoted to that, so lets continue with the pilot.

Strangers in a Strange Land
Our crash survivors didn't know it then, but rescue wasn't coming and they didn't know that they would be in this strange land for longer then they hoped, at least some of them anyway. A land that has more mysteries than the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, or Boxcar Children could ever handle. The end of this episode shows a very dead, very bloody pilot hanging in a tree and then we cut to LOST.

So that is my retro review for this episode. I do apologize as I know it wasn't really much of any type of retro review, but I know there are many more episodes between now and the end of season 2, so I have a chance to redeem myself. Thanks for reading!



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The Fuselage, it really does have the qualities of an "award winning fan forum". If you are a fan of LOST, then the Fuselage is the place for you. Fans come from all over and post their thoughts on what is happening on the show and theories on the end game. Groups and Ships, Games, and more....all at THE FUSELAGE!

Check it out.


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Since LOST has aired on Wednesday for the last three seasons, all of my reviews will be posted by Wednesday. I haven't heard of any schedule change for next season as of yet and I hope it stays that way. My first review will be posted by next Wednesday the 6th. I will be reviewing the first episode of the first season of LOST. I will continue to review each and every episode after that, right up until the end of Season 2. That will take us completely through the hiatus, right to the premiere of the 4th Season of LOST.

If changes occur, I will let you know.

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