Sunday, August 26, 2007


I've been away so long that information I've wanted to address has been pushed back and other stuff piled on top of it. So let me get right to it. This is a new type of article that I will be posting. It is called a WHAT-A-MYSTERY! or better put and condensed a WAM! article. What will my first WAM! article be about you may ask? YOU GUESSED IT! That fuzzy wonderment the white rabbit.

Quiet! We're Hunting for Wabbits! If I have to hear about another white rabbit I may just throw up and roll around in it, but I have to talk about it with my sense about me. Rabbits are cute and furry little creatures with twitchy little noses, BUT WHY USE IT IN LOST?! Here is some information that I think you may like or you may not.

Why White? Well, since LOST has a reoccurring theme of redemption, that is where I think the white would come in. Other than that, I think that the white rabbit refers mostly to the character in Alice in Wonderland. At the end of Season 3, the words Jack uttered to Kate made it seem as if he was trying to get back to his wonderland of sorts.

We have to go back, Kate.

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Then There was 1..NEW POST!!!

My consistency with my blog has been very bad lately, but not to fear, I HAVE NOT FORGOT ABOUT LOSSTT!!

Lost buzz never dies. It goes down A LOT, but believe me, it NEVER dies.

NOW FOR WHAT'S UP, and WHAT'S BEEN PROMISED FOR AWHILE! Yeah, so I have a LOT of stuff that needs done and I WILL SAY IT AGAIN, it will BE DONE! I promised!

I will be back with some VERY, VERY GOOD Lost least I think so. :)

Thanks for your patience.

Namaste and Good Luck!


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Stations to Be Reckoned With

WOW! I'm on a roll today! 2 new articles!! WHOO HOO!!! Yet, it was only from pure inspiration and brain kicking from Doc Jensen that this is possible. :) As you've no doubt surmised...ahh..most of you know about the new film to the station named The Orchid. Well, in this film Marvin Candle...halliwax(whatever his name is) is wearing a Swan station jacket. The Doc says it could be because it is more or less..well... you read the article.

Here's whatado- These films are bogus. They were made to mislead. They were made to create an illusion. I say the illusion was put forth so someone could study the island's much deeper secrets, to study the supernatural. More so, it's an easy way to get money funded to you by creating an illusion that there is some important scientific work going on and really it isn't scientific, more supernatural. PLUS this illusion will keep it secret, keep it safe.

I am saying that I think this man is a fake and knows it or maybe a fake and doesn't know it. I am going with the first choice. He is a phony. I mean a man can only have so many names!!!
Like I said....I think that someone wanted to get money handed to them while keeping the island's secrets all to themselves. That's what I think.
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Lost Techno Dance

sooo sorry to those of you that commented this video previously. I had to repost because I was having some technical difficulties with it. ENJOY!

The Box

A box contains items. A box can also be empty. Ben supposedly used a box as a metaphor. Hurley owned a box company. Locke worked at a box company. There was dynamite in boxes on the Black Rock. What do you say to all the boxes. Most of all, what do you think about what Ben said? Is this a mystery that is unneeded, meaning that Ben was telling a lie? This wouldn't surprise me, especially if Ben is trying to maintain an illusion that they are on some type of magic island.

This hiatus is wayyy to long!

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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Still Taking a Break

I am still taking a break from LOST. Just for a little bit. Comment my other articles from July and I will try to give as much feedback as possible. Posting will be back in full swing by 8/8/07.

Thanks for reading. :)