Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I am going to go into a deep depression if the writers go on strike. Look at the article titled "NOW IS THE TIME TO PANIC"

If this is true...I don't know what is going to happen. Let's hope for the best, or else our next flash forward may flash farther into the future than we want it to.


Friday, October 12, 2007

They're Stealing our Theories!!!

Last night I settled down in front of the DVR and scrolled through the shows I had missed throughout the week. Keep in mind, most of the shows I have set to record are on NBC. Among these are Chuck, Journeyman, Bionic Woman, and LIFE. So I took my large glass of iced tea and started watching. (The iced tea was good, by the way.)

Oh, so when I started watching Chuck, being the LOST fanatic that I am, I instantly thought back to how Chuck had mentioned flight 815 in a room 23esque scene. It gave me joy to think how LOST has become a big part of our pop culture. Well, the next show was Journeyman. In this particular episode, the character is traveling back to the San Francisco earthquake of 1989. Of course, being the LOST fanatic that I am, I instantly thought of our Time Traveling dilemma on LOST. I love you, Penny. Sorry, I just had to say that in a British accent.

Well, one of my favorite shows of the week, Bionic Woman, was up next. Of course this show is about a woman named Jaime Summers who is reinvented after a car crash to become a super human. Her counterpart, Sarah Corvus, was the first bionic woman. She was shot and killed after going insane and killing 14 people, but then she was brought back. Being the LOST fanatic that I am, I instantly thought of Mikhail and his seeming invincibility. See one of my previous articles about how I think Mikhail is a robot.

This made me stop halfway through another gulp of iced tea. NBC is TAKING our LOST THEORIES and making them into halfway decent T.V. SHOWS!!!! The next show, LIFE, is all about a detective that was falsely accused and is trying to piece together his own case, while solving other cases as well. He reminds me of a Jack type character. So I may be off my rocker and just way to into the t.v. show LOST...or I'm right. I mean we have already seen NBC pay homage to LOST through the t.v. show CHUCK so we know that they know LOST exists and in a big way. I mean it makes sense to me. I was never one to watch NBC's comedy hour shows (shame, isn't it). I loved FRIENDS, but that is dead and gone. So, it makes sense that I would all of the sudden be interested in what NBC has to offer.

Well, I might have added to much sugar in that glass of iced tea. I'm not really sure. =]

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

"Sit With Your Back Against the Wall"

Let's face it, we are nearly through our hiatus. LOST will be back in a little over three and half months. Many of us have blogged our minds down the drain with new LOST material and theories. Sad to say, I got tired of LOST and needed a break. I'm a dedicated fan, of that there is no doubt, but we all need a break once in awhile.

"Sit with you back against the wall"
I have a feeling we will be backed against a wall more often than not this upcoming season. The writers have the future set in stone and now they are going full steam ahead.
I'm ready....I hope.

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