Thursday, December 20, 2007

A BIG Season 4 Trailer

I found this trailer over at Darkufo and HAD to show you. WARNING-It has mild spoilers.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Time In Sync

Time? Time? Mittelos? Lost Time? I have been thinking about Walt and how TPTB could possibly explain his age. Well, one option is that he doesn't show up again. Yet, I also have been thinking about the ageless wonder Richard Alpert. I think all of this aging and not aging ties into the time. In the trailers they have been saying. "On September 22nd, 2004 Flight 815 2008 rescue comes...or does it" ok so that isn't exact..but the 2008 part is.

So we can say that they are just referring to the dates on which the series premiered..and which it's coming back...but maybe this refers to more...

WHOA sorry..I just was going insane! Why would anyone think that the show is actually in sync with reality?! I mean come ON!

Anyway..this ends my insane post.

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P.S. I stole Memphish's countdown to the premiere widget. =]]

Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Theory and a Thought from Cool_Freeze

The revolution has begun. So many people say that the strike is a bad thing for Lost, but I think otherwise. With so many other shows off the air, Lost will most likely be the biggest thing on television next to the ever so repetitive reality show American Idol. Yes my dear lovers of an ever so intense and dramatic and mysterious island, this show is going to take people by complete surprise. They will be browsing through the channels and well..nothings going to be on other than Lost, so they will have to watch it. Then they will start to get involved and they will wonder WHAT the deal is with this island.

"Hmm..It seems like some WEIRD stuff has happened to the survivors of Flight 815 that I saw crash on an abandoned island 3 Seasons ago...September 22nd, 2004."

Here's some nice news, the Lost theatrical promo was on Youtube and was on the most viewed and discussed. It looks like it is getting a healthy start on promoting the new season.

A Theory to Read in a Dark Corner
So I have been mulling over the death of our dear Rockstar, Charlie Pace and something about it troubles me. Yes, the death is very troubling alone and there is NO doubt IN MY MIND that Charlie Pace is dead. I know for a fact that he is as dead as a doorknob...or dead person. I mean one troublesome thing is that Claire is going to be all alone. I mean the only way that she wouldn't be alone is that if the bad twin of Charlie Pace showed up on the freighter and everyone confused him with Charlie and they bad twin just went along with it. Oh...oops..that was my theory. Mull over it. =]

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LOST Season 4 Promo

This is the REAL DEAL..and you may want to watch it again..after you watch it the first time of course. =]

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

LOST Season 3 on DVD & Blu-Ray!

GUESS WHAT?! LOST Season 3 is out TODAY on DVD and BLU RAY! Oh happy DAY!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

A LOST Christmas Carol

Christmas 2007 is quickly approaching. The holiday season is in full swing and LOST is on the horizon! WHAAAAA!!!!!!

Lately I have been thinking Christmas and Lost. The Lost Book Club might want to look into a book that isn't referenced to on the show...just for the Christmas season. This book is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. The analogous point of views are endless really. Scrooge could be Jack, Locke or Ben. Christmas past, present and future...well Desmond and Mrs. Hawking can handle that. Jacob could play his could-be namesake Jacob Marley. I will have to think this out and have another post for you later. On to better news....

Did you hear?! LOST promos in theaters!!!! WhOO HOO!!!! The words of choice for season four are "CRAZY GOOD"!! For me, these words also describe the end of Season 3. If LOST is continuing in the same fashion...I am foaming at the mouth! Season 3 DVDs are set to release on December 11th!

Also...any news on the video game? anyone?

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