Thursday, January 31, 2008

Was Benjamin Expecting Company?

I find it interesting that Ben rushed out of his little house at the beginning of Season 3 whenever he felt the rumble and searched the sky frantically. It isn't like he was looking around for a rockslide or a volcano. He seemed to be searching for something to fall and sure enough Flight 815 came falling out of the sky. Not only that, but then he gave such frantic orders and acted very quickly.
That was just something I noticed.
LOST tonight! Be looking for new post tomorrow! Enjoy the premiere!
Namaste and Good Luck!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Lost Elders and 31 Hours and Counting!!!

OH WOW!!! Time has just gone zipping by. I have failed to tell you of THE LOST ELDERS! This new blog is so extremely awesome and I am so happy to be apart of it!

Also can you believe it?! We are only 31 hours from the premiere of Season 4!!! I mean I am as I post this only 31 hours away.

Can't wait for the premiere! Check out THE LOST ELDERS as there are some awesome articles over there at the moment! Go read read read!!! =]

Namaste and Good Luck!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

LOST!! What I Can't WAIT to See!

What's the dealio?! LOST is only two weeks away!!!! It will be so refreshing to have some good television and even better that it's my favorite show ever! How quickly the hiatus has gone and now these last two weeks are going to craawwl by. Well, let's hope not.


  • How the lostaways react to charlie's death.
  • What Desmond does when he comes back to the beach. (who he tells about charlie first.)
  • What Locke's plans are.
  • What becomes of the Others that go to the temple.
  • The Temple!
  • Michael's story!

Oh and most of all, what the freighter people do. So many things I absolutely can't wait for in the upcoming season!!!

You will be seeing more and more posts from me so I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for reading!

Namaste and Good Luck!


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A New Look and A Book

Greetings! The LOST factories are working over time or under time or through time or something these days. I thought I would try out a new look for the site. Please tell me if you like it or not in the comment section. =]

I am currently reading a book called Uncharted. You can read the
synopsis and then understand why I am even mentioning it. So far it is a very good book.

FIND815 has been a really great way to get me pumped for the upcoming season. Tell me any clues you have found along side what you think about the new look. =]

Well, I shall have many beautiful theories and posts blooming throughout the next few weeks and right on into season 4. CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Thanks for Reading!
Namaste and Good Luck!


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

FIND 815-Newest Online LOST game

Can you believe it?! We are less than a month away and NOW we have an all new LOST game called Find 815. You can get involved in this game at This game is very similar to THE LOST EXPERIENCE that happened a few summers ago. You must collect clues and solve puzzles to progress. Don't worry though, it is not that difficult, but hard enough that it is fun.

I don't want to give away to much and I am not going to. The only thing I am going to say is that the main character is a man named Sam Thomas.
Head on over to and get started!!
Thanks for Reading!
Namaste and Good Luck!