Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Life and Death of Cool Freeze

Greetings Icebox Readers and Fellow Lost fans. I am back to tell you of what I've been doing all this time.

TIME being the key word.

Season 5.

Where to begin?

Well, I would like to start where my last many many many months ago left off. I do believe I was on the topic of Claire. She is M.I.A. and all she wants to do is PSH PSH PSH and take yo money. sorry. ok enough.

Anyway Claire is gone. Now Aaron is gone. Let's see here. Who else would like to climb aboard the M.I.A. train?

Claire. Is she alive or is she dead? I do believe she is alive and she is on a journey of her own. A journey that we will learn about next year.

That is just my thought. I am sorry I haven't blogged in forever. I miss you all. I have been very busy traveling and finishing up some last minute projects.

Until Next Time...(haha, time)

Namaste and Good Luck!


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Capcom said...

Welcome back to the Lost-o-blog-o-sphere CF! :-)