Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Namaste, Dear LaFleur

It's interesting that I felt my Dharma Bubble burst whenever the Oceanic Six returned to the island. I felt so at peace with James and Juliet living in harmony on the island, leading the Dharma people together. It seems they are, erg, were at the right place at the right time. Now we must throw in those who are DESTINED to be on the island. I think it's a crock. A CROCK!

ahh....but who really is fulfilling their island destiny?

JACK is meant to defeat the enemy. He has been the hero from the beginning and I believe his destiny is to be the hero. He has had major character flaws like all of our losties, but through out the show he has faced his demons and sooner or later (before or on the last episode of 2010) he will save the day.

SAWYER has always seemed to be a Man of Faith to me. He's very similar to Locke in ways and LaFleur really showed this side of him. There was a certain sick and evil pleasure I felt when I saw James give Jack the almost exact speech that Locke has given him several times before. IN YO' FACE, JACK! He just doesn't seem to get it.

Also, I am still very certain that Jack and Kate are still the two most dysfunctional characters on the show. They are always running and acting out. I haven't seen them change much, but I certainly hope they do...and soon.

Which leads me to the love quadrangle or whatever you want to call it. I think that James and Juliet are meant for each other. Jack and Kate need to take a hike. All my opinion..I said it.

Does anyone have an opinion on the very curious case of Christian and Claire? I have still been thinking about these two.

Until Next time,

Namaste and Good Luck!


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Capcom said...

Good thoughts CF!

I know, I've really enjoyed James being happy, normal, and in charge. See, he really was meant to be in charge, but only if he was nice about it. When he was mean, he didn't deserve it and it was taken away from him. :-)

I'm almost as tired of the love stories as I am of all the violence by now. I'm yearning for some intellectual stimulation again, and it doesn't have to be scientific, it can be social, philosophical, or moral, I'm just tired of all the wanton killing going on.