Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Brief History of Time, An Extensive Presence of Future

Carl Sagan's ideology on Time and Space is very appealing, as it can be incorporated into the current suppositions that are engulfing the Lost Community. Many of his ideas are the premise of one of his books, Contact. If you are part of the TIME TRAVEL TRIBE in the Lost Community, I think you will find this book very interesting.

In an interview done with Nova Online, Carl Sagan has this to say about the "Grandfather Paradox".

NOVA: On that note, can you describe the "grandfather paradox?"

Sagan: The grandfather paradox is a very simple, science-fiction-based apparent inconsistency at the very heart of the idea of time travel into the past. It's very simply that you travel into the past and murder your own grandfather before he sires your mother or your father, and where does that then leave you? Do you instantly pop out of existence because you were never made? Or are you in a new causality scheme in which, since you are there you are there, and the events in the future leading to your adult life are now very different? The heart of the paradox is the apparent existence of you, the murderer of your own grandfather, when the very act of you murdering your own grandfather eliminates the possibility of you ever coming into existence. Among the claimed solutions are that you can't murder your grandfather. You shoot him, but at the critical moment he bends over to tie his shoelace, or the gun jams, or somehow nature contrives to prevent the act that interrupts the causality scheme leading to your own existence. <----This almost sounds like course correction.

NOVA: Do you find it easy to believe the world might work that way—that is, self-consistently—or do you think it's more likely that that there are parallel universes?

Sagan: It's still somewhat of a heretical ideal to suggest that every interference with an event in the past leads to a fork, a branch in causality. You have two equally valid universes: one, the one that we all know and love, and the other, which is brought about by the act of time travel. I know the idea of the universe having to work out a self-consistent causality is appealing to a great many physicists, but I don't find the argument for it so compelling. I think inconsistencies might very well be consistent with the universe.

Yes, this ties in nicely with LOST time views....and Mrs. Hawking. Maybe Alex's boyfriend, Carl, will end up having the last name Sagan (not likely). Alas, I do not want to venture any further through the wormhole, let us look at something closer to home, closer to this reality.

As was regrettably, yet thankfully announced buy Team Darlton, LOST will end in 2010. That is why I waste no time in trying to find the answers before the mysteries are solved (sarcasm included). We have come through three seasons of this maniacal maze and we have three left. Unfortunately, I only started blogging this season. THAT'S WHAT DVDS ARE FOR! I will be doing reviews, as some of my blog allys are (see Ben Lundy link), on each episode starting with season 1. When I realized that this season was over, my brain went into turbo mode trying to think of a way to pass the hiatus time. This was my solution. I will be doing as thorough of a review as possible, picking out details that hint at what's to come, character analysis and development, pop culture references, and much more...or at least as much more as I can think of.

That is what I have in store for my blog. If you would like to see something else as well, tell me. As always, thanks for reading!!!

NAMASTE and Good Luck!!


Monday, May 28, 2007


The links you see on the right will lead you to some awesome LOST blogs, LOST message boards, and plus LOST spoilers. The spoilers will be out of comission for a while considering the fact that LOST is on hiatus. I wanted to take this time to point them out to you if some of you haven't noticed. I think you will find them to be very interesting.

Namaste and Good Luck!


Friday, May 25, 2007

Many Theories Abound. Many More to Come.

Sayid and his words of wisdom were shadowy implications of what was to come. "No matter what happens here, keep moving." said to Jack just before he led the Israelites (Survivors) to the Promise Land (Radio Tower and more appropriately rescue) or not. Jack did keep moving and he didn't stop.

I need your feedback on what you think will happen. I have my thoughts, but I want to hear yours.

My questions to you.

*How will Jack end up where we saw him at the end of the episode?

*Will others get off the island?

*How will the show be set up next season?

There are so many theories to date as it is and with this Season Finale there are about a bizillion more to come. What are yours?

Namaste and Good Luck!


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Finally Through the Looking Glass

"No matter what happens here, keep moving."

After realizing that the Jack flashback was a flash forward or maybe just present day, I went back and watched said 'Flash' scenes, picking up clues that I had missed.
I don't know about you, but the entire flash had me confused the FIRST time around, noticing that something wasn't quite right with what I was used to. Just seeing Jack sitting on an Oceanic Air flight looking like a man that has spent way to many days cracking coconuts on some craphole island sent chills down my spine. "Is the big game changer that he has already been to the island?" I ask myself. This question remained until the end of the episode. As the episode progressed the flash became even more odd with a scene where Jack went to a funeral home to pay his condolences and take some more pills of what I assume to be drugs (Charlie would be ashamed!). I will get back to this later, maybe even in another post. Let's rewind or flashback...ok I'll stop with the flashes. Anyway, back to the beginning.


"No matter what happens here, keep moving."

This is a really big stretch, I realize, but after rewatching this episode I looked at this statement Sayid made as a possible clue as to what is to come in the next season. Jack kept moving and I think he keeps moving, right up until he gets rescued, no turning back. I can hear you yelling already, WHAT THE HELL!?!?! As I said, it's a stretch and a fairly large one at that, but I still think this statement was prompting us to more then just Jack refusing to give Ben the phone. I think it is a clue as to who gets rescued. I think that many of the survivors won't get rescued, and that Jack, Kate, Claire and Baby Aaron are the ones that get rescued. They end up not coming back to the island, because they can't. Ben might also and he may be the one that ends up in the coffin. OOO, IT'S A MYSTERY!

OK, I'M STOPPING HERE. I will explain more on this along with everything else in upcoming posts.



Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I do believe I just witnessed a phenomena.......

A phenomenal episode. I will elaborate more later. I am writing this right after watching it, so I will leave room for thinking and let some of you TIVO and DVR fans get a load of it. I guess I will be writing more then I thought I would be....we are in for a THEORY FILLED HIATUS!!!!!

Be back tomorrow or Friday.



Tuesday, May 22, 2007


The hours are winding down. Another season finale of LOST is quickly approaching. I want to discuss the questions that I have.

Where did Carl come from and who exactly is he?

What was Rousseau doing on the island with her team?

Who the hell are the Others and what the hell are they doing on the island?

What does the manuscript, Bad Twin, have to do with the show and will it ever come back into play?

These are just a few of the questions I have been mulling over lately. Another very interesting question is, what is the big shocker in the season finale going to be? More importantly, how big of an impact will it have on the show's storyline?


Friday, May 18, 2007

Charlie Goes through the Looking Glass

Charlie. Such a strange thing to see his flashback again. This episode set stuff up for the finale. The last few episodes have. Hell, the last three seasons have.

When Charlie arrived in The Looking Glass station it was a completely classic "victory/defeat" moment. You know, when one moment you think the character has won and then the next the character is facing danger and in some cases defeat. I am wrong in saying that Charlie has been defeated because we don't know that just yet.

End of Hurley and Charlie Friendship
If it be that the moment where Hurley and Charlie said good-bye to each other is the last that they see each other then I really am feeling bad for Hurley. That means he loses another friend. I sorta hope Charlie survives on his account, but then again Claire and Aaron need rescuing.

With the possibility that Claire and Aaron will find rescue, this may mean that some of our islanders leave, OR DOES IT? ? ? Will we have some off-island storyline. I highly doubt.

That is all I have for this week. My head is still spinning from last weeks episode The Man Behind the Curtain. Those questions will carry through to next season. The main questions will remain until the series finale in three years or whenever it may end. Enjoy this last week of LOST before the finale. My postings will be few after that. I will be posting theories throughout the summer if I come up with any. Nonetheless I will be posting something.

As always....

Namaste and Good Luck!


Friday, May 11, 2007


Whenever he goes out, the Hostiles always shout, THERE GOES JOHN JACOB JINGLEHEIMER---LOCKE?

Another debate has developed in the Lost Community about who Jacob is in light of the most recent episode of the psycho t.v. show LOST, The Man Behind the Curtain. In all honesty, this debate has been going on ever since the pre-hiatus episode I Do, when we received the information that Shepard wasn't even on Jacob's List. Now it is a full blown battle between the 'LOCKE IS JACOB' people and the 'LOCKE ISN'T JACOB' people and 'LOCKE IS HURLEY' people and all the other groups as well. Screen caps are everywhere. The captions say "IT'S LOCKE BEFORE HE WAS BALD!" Other captions say, "IT'S HURLEY, BALDING!"

Here's a question for ya. WHO IS JACOB?

It could be possible that all the people on the island NOW have been there before. Might it be that Annie, Ben's childhood sweetheart, is Kate? It could be that Locke IS Jacob, but now he is enslaved by time and space and according to the Room 23 video, Only FOOLS are enslaved by Time and Space. That said, maybe Ben is brainwashing his people into thinking this. That would set up a rebellion against Jacob. When people start to rebel against Jacob, Ben could become the ULTIMATE leader. A DICTATOR OF HIS OWN ISLAND. Sadly, when all of his people die there won't be any left because of the baby problem. OH, but maybe his people won't die. It seems to be me that Richard Alpert hasn't aged a bit.

This brings me back to the part where everyone on the island NOW has been on the island before. This could be possible, especially if TIME TRAVEL is possible and alternate time lines and such. If this becomes fact, what is it that these people are supposed to do here? What is THIS ISLAND ALL ABOUT???

Well, I am going to go think over this more.

BTW: Did you like my little diddy at the beginning about JOHN JACOB JINGLEHEIMER LOCKE? I found it amusing when I started singing it right after thinking about John and Jacob. or John Jacob or whatever.

Namaste and Good Luck!


Thursday, May 10, 2007


LOST did some major storytelling in the latest episode, The Man Behind the Curtain. Information came from every direction, flashback and present. At one point I switched over to DVR and paused it because I needed a break. I needed to think about what I was seeing. So if you got time, sit back and relax because this is going to be a weird LOST Blog post.

Now, where do I start? Ahh yes, the beginning.


NOT!!!!!! Of course Ben was born "just outside of Portland", which has become a significant location this season. The scene where Ben was born reminded me of the scene from Men in Black, where Will Smith helps the woman give birth to an alien baby on the roadside, a very fitting comparison if you ask me. "Let's name the alien, Benjamin."
OK, so those weren't her last words, but Ben's mom did struggle to say "Let's name him Benjamin." right before she died. Which raises the question, was it her having Ben early that killed her or was it her saying his name? Who knows. Develop some theories on that.

"Welcome to the land of the Hostiles, brah! NAMASTE!"
When I saw young Benjamin (looking a lot like Harry Potter I might add) get off the sub with his daddy Roger and step onto the island of poo, I thought the next scene would be Woodstock. They were handing out leis and spreading peace and love by saying Namaste. Now, here is a serious thought. Are the leis a clue along with the little bobble head that Naomi had in her backpack? What are the writers trying to tell us?

No, just flip the tape over, I'm not dead. Of course Juliet is a good girl. She is, isn't she? I didn't get much info about what Jack's plan was so I won't be talking about it.

I always thought Ben was older then Richard Alpert, but when I saw Ben in the flashback with Richard he looked a LOT younger then him. Plus, Richard was wearing a lot more eyeliner (hence, young and beautiful).

These two are something else. Here is how the whole 'meeting Jacob' scene went.

Ben enters cabin and proceeds to the presumably empty rocking chair. He starts talking to the chair. I start to think that I am right about Ben lying. Locke questions Ben and asks him if he is just putting on a show for him or if he is crazy and really thinks someone is there. Ben says that of course someone is there. Locke gets fed up and turns to leave when he hears "Help Me". I rewind to make sure I heard right. I did hear right. He turns and looks at Ben while I go into the other room and check my sanity and then check the information on the show to see if this is really LOST or not.

Sorry, I can't go on because the rest was entirely too creepy.

To skip to the end, we see Ben shoot Locke and left in a Post Dharma-Purge Grave pit to die.

We know this episode was titled Man Behind the Curtain. In the Wizard of Oz, the wizard appears to be someone great and powerful. Is Jacob great and powerful or was he in a control room somewhere with a microphone and a green screen?

I doubt the latter.

So tell me your thoughts. I am going to the bathroom because the thought of that scene is just THAT HORRIFIC.


NAMASTE and Good Luck Theorizing.


Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Possibilities are Endless

Intriguing, that is what Ben is. His character has a million different possibilities at this time as well as does the storyline of LOST. You could say that Ben represents this thrilling T.V. show excellently. To have theories about what is going on is a lot of fun, but lets face it; none of us know where it is going.

With 3 seasons left, the show could go anywhere. I'm not talking ratings, although those could change as well, but I'm talking about the story. We've come a long way in the last three seasons. Each season takes us a little farther and gives us more questions, with a few answers as well.

I said last week that I was working on a theory, but I decided I would wait until after the upcoming episode The Man Behind the Curtain. I will be reviewing the episode as I always do and I will try my best to post my thoughts on what I think is happening. Every episode lately has been so good and I have many thoughts on each of them.

Thanks for Reading.

Namaste and Good Luck!


Monday, May 7, 2007


Team Darlton has finally come to an agreement with ABC on an end date for LOST. It will run for three more seasons, from February to May, 16 episodes each. OH YEA!! OUCH!!! UHHH?!?!

You weight the results. Good or Bad?

Namaste and Good Luck!


Thursday, May 3, 2007

Of Sound Heart and Sound Mind

"Where are we?"

Those words sent a chill down my spine. The Brig was in fact a prison on a ship, The BlackRock to be exact. Knowing this, The Brig also referred to a more metaphorical meaning as well. Locke had himself in a brig of sorts. He was still being held by the wanting of his father. Trapped in a pitiful state of juvenile unreason. Murder was out of the question for him, but he could have a murderer do it and with good reason.

He went and got Sawyer or maybe it would be more suitable to call him James, but I'll stick with Sawyer. Sawyer thought he was going to see Ben, but in fact he was going to see someone of much more infamy in his life, someone he would kill by the end of the episode. I feel now that Locke has a sound heart and sound mind as well as Sawyer.

Symbolism in Bare Feet
When Sawyer was walking through the jungle with barefeet, it reminded me of a similar scene where Jin and Ecko see the children walking through the jungle in barefeet. Sawyer was in pain. Were these children being punished when they were walking in barefeet? Just a silly thought that crossed my mind.

We can finally call this parachutist by a name. Word spread quickly among the "A-List" survivors of the new arrival on the island. When Sayid interrogated her, like he does very well, he was suspicious. He was suspicious because he thought that she had no way to communicate with the ship she supposedly flew off of, but she had the phone. Does this mean that SHE can't be trusted? Who knows, Sayid isn't completely sure yet either. If ever he is, then she probably isn't a good person.
When Kate found out about Naomi she went straight to Jack. Of course, Juliet had to be in on the conversation. Then, her and Jack excluded Kate from a secret they have. This burned me so bad. Jack better have some good reasoning behind what he is doing.

This episode is loaded with splendid entertainment.

I have a new theory that I am working on that was sparked from this episode. I'll post it as soon as it's complete.

Tell me what you thought.

Namaste and Good Luck!